Vippe extension kurs eyelash in Oslo

Professional eyelash lengthening and thickening courses are organized at vippe extension kurs and are conducted according to the latest and most effective teaching methods. Here are all the most important training and courses, here we train instructors. Our students are offered both lengthening and thickening courses lasting several hours as well as expert courses lasting several days. Students have fully equipped work stations and high-end equipment, accessories, products and cosmetics necessary for learning to lengthen and thicken eyelashes. Vippe extension kurs is short and for all people who need this.The term of training is always chosen individually, taking into account the needs of the participants. The course includes a theoretical, practical eyelash extension workshop and a block devoted to health and safety issues and the hygiene of eyelash extensions and thickening. Training and courses are held in groups of up to four people. The course is cheap but very proffesional so try us.

Nazwa: Peloha- Michal M. Sedzik

Adres: Blindernveien 4 0361 Oslo

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